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CRM Architecture


It is said that a happy customer is like a walking advertisement, hence, managing good customer relation goes a long way towards creating market value and increasing the customer base. Businesses now recognize that long term relationships with clients are an important asset of an entity and therefore, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) forms an integral part of business interaction. An important aspect of the CRM system includes understanding the market requirement which, we at Indianmesh, do by tracking and organizing a company's contacts with its current and prospective customers.

We help you manage the following:

Front office contactsThese involve the direct contacts your employees have with your customers which can include phone calls, emails, instant messages and face-to-face communication.

Back office operations These are processes that facilitate the front office such as finance communications, marketing, customer billing and advertising.

Business contactsThis involves the interaction of your employees with customers and suppliers through networking, industry events and trade associations.

We collect the following type of data to improve your CRM base:

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