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Industrial Control System Security

Modern control systems are interconnected to business networks and utilize communication and network components. Control systems have many and diverse "actors" involved including operators, vendors, integrators, and contractors over the life cycle.


What we do?

AKS IT is the leading ICS security expert to help organizations in the prevention of intentional or unintentional interference with the proper operation of industrial control and automation systems in various sectors from electricity, water, transport to telecom.

Now-a-days major industries of are composed of finely automated sectors, which are operated by interconnected, self-regulating systems known as industrial control systems. Examples of such industries include power generation & distribution, transportation, oil and natural gas, mining & manufacturing. Initially, ICS had little resemblance to traditional information technology (IT) systems in that ICS were isolated systems running proprietary control protocols using specialized hardware and software. Widely available, low-cost Internet Protocol (IP) devices are now replacing proprietary solutions, which increases the possibility of cyber security vulnerabilities and incidents. This requires a whole new set of security measures to protect the industrial control systems from external and remote threats as well as the localized ones.

The endless list of potential threats to an industrial control systems might include discontented employees, hostile governments, malicious intruders, terrorist groups, natural disasters, accidents, complexities as well as accidental or malicious actions by insiders. Possible incidents an ICS may face include the following:

  • Blocked or delayed flow of information through ICS networks, which could disrupt ICS operation
  • Unauthorized changes to commands, or alarm thresholds, which could damage, disable, or shut down equipment, create environmental impacts, and/or endanger human life
  • Inaccurate information sent to system operators, either to disguise unauthorized changes, or to cause the operators to initiate inappropriate actions, which could have various negative effects
  • ICS software or configuration settings modified, or ICS software infected with malware, which could have various negative effects

We audit Industrial Control System and determine the weaknesses and corrections required to make them secure.