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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

With everything going online, ORM has become a trend. A managed online reputation can escalate your business, while a single bad online review can severely damage the business. Online reputation problems can develop gradually over time. Negative brand mentions can accumulate slowly over time. The issue may not become obvious until it passes the tipping point that severely damages online reputation. Therefore, we help you manage your online status with the following online reputation management services:

Our survey methodology involves the following aspects of marketing research:

Promote positive content
We publish positive content about your business on your website, social media channels and other related websites through content marketing channels.

Employ social media listening
We constantly monitor your business's reputation grading your social media posts as positive, neutral or negative.

Proactively respond to negative customer feedback
Initiating friendly conversations and solving customer problems is a part of our techniques helping to stop the spread of negative comments about your business.

Legal responses
If any false or potentially libelous information about your business is publicized, we contact the content creators or website managers to take down the content following the legal procedures.

SEO tool
With our effective SEO strategies, we make the correct use of keywords and censor complaints.

Media monitoring
We identify comments that require timely responses as well as incorrect content that calls for a more forceful response. Apart from customers, we monitor the beliefs and expectations of stakeholders.

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