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Data Strategy & Builds

Data Strategy

Data is considered the fuel for the analytics engine. Therefore, it becomes indispensable to have a good handle on the data to keep the engine running. In spite of the advantage that data is available in a large quantity, the associated disadvantage is that only a part of is useful to get the actionable insights. Also, if there are no processes to manage data efficiently and effectively, its quality degrades.

We, at Indianmesh, understand the need for a robust data strategy that is able to convert data into actionable recognitions. Our well planned and defined data strategies help us to deliver our customers data as an asset. We make sure to employ a comprehensive data strategy exercise encompassing - Identification of key data assets, data governance procedures, data ownership, availability, quality, sensitivity, integration and security. We achieve all this via multiple data collection methods such as surveys, ground testing, sampling and other coherent ways.

We apprehend that one size does not fit all, therefore, offer customized data strategies that align with your business objectives. We ascertain that the data services provided by us help you stand out in the industry.

Data Build

We all know that data can exist in various forms - Structured, semi-structured and unstructured. It is sad to note that for some companies, the amount of unstructured data is growing with fewer amounts of appreciable data. This is mainly due to the increasing data which comes from emails, blogs and similar promotional content. As mentioned, if not maintained well, data starts to deteriorate, losing its value.

We, at Indianmesh, ensure complete maintenance and enhancement of your data with governance on an ongoing basis. The governance comprises a blend of processes, technology and training. We make the best use of data cleansing, staging and harmonization. We not only maintain your data but get it ready for reporting and business analytics.

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