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Procurement Services

Most organizations like to focus more on strategic categories of procurement infrastructure. That is when we come into picture to remove the burden of procurement infrastructure of non-strategic categories for these organizations. The upsurge in these services can be attributed to the global market conditions as well the need for the businesses to maintain and reduce costs without eliminating resources

Through these services, our internal staff and team assists the clients in the tasks which include:

Steps involved in procurement:

Identifying opportunity and Needs

This step involves identification of Business needs, User needs and Material and services requirements along with determining the objective of procurement.

Situation Analysis

It includes “Purchase Requisitions” and “Statement of Work”. Purchase requisitions are essentially the requirements in detail of the materials. Statement of Work enumerates the time, type and object of services required.

Strategic Analysis

This involves the process to understand where the opportunity exists to eliminate the waste and increase value delivery. The in-depth supplier evaluation and assessment is done before planning the market approach.

Contract Management

Procurement is done on the basis of the contract drafted and prepared according to the requirements of the client to mitigate any risk factor and to gain maximum benefit out of it.

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