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Indian Mesh Pvt. Ltd. a part of Selz Group which was established in 1985. We have been in the software business since 2012 having worked with multiple fortune 50 companies catering to their software needs. It is an IT solutions company providing end to end IT services as well as horde of other ancillary products and services. The company offers an array of business solutions such as web development, mobile application development, brand promotion, recruitment services, designing services and video editing services. It is the first company in Chandigarh that has developed a full-fledged one of its kind mobile application, produced a monthly tabloid and runs a successful practical training centre all under one roof.
In the small time since its inception, the company has grown by leaps and bounds and has been able to attain considerable fame for being client friendly. The company majorly focuses on giving its customers their money’s worth. From the quality of work to the quantity, everything at Indian Mesh has seen an upward graph.

The company though a start-up has not ignored its Corporate Social Responsibilities and is closely associated with a 20 year old charitable organization named ‘RGM’. With particular focus on previously ignored small, medium and home based organizations as well as non-profits, Indianmesh strives to bring a revolution in the quality of IT products delivered these days even to large organizations. After making Chandigarh the proud owner of a completely home grown social integration and networking mobile application, Indian Mesh is stepping up to make India proud with a few starkly innovative projects lined up for release in the near future.

TCL ( Transpacific Certification Ltd.)

Complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. This certification is valid concerning all activities related to: Software Development, Website Development, IT Infrastructure, IT Education, IT Awareness.

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For Future Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs like you, are rare, who take the initiative to create incredible businesses and innovate to such an extent that changes the world.We congratulate you for your ability to take risk and follow your instincts in setting up your own organization!Most of the times the business ideas are amazing but what lacks is the motivation and skillfulness for proper implementation. So it is of utmost importance that you work on your idea constantly and fully understand the scalability of your business. Visualize all the barriers like – the what’s, the how’s, the if’s and buts, the do’s and don’ts and especially the when’s, you will face on a daily basis.
We aim to motivate, educate, encourage, inspire, support you in your endeavors and deepen your interactions among students, corporate, other entrepreneurs and organizations. We would associate with you and become your facilitator providing you with all the support you would require right from the beginning that is ‘idea analysis’ to ‘getting funds’ and ‘establishing a successful business’.

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For Established Organizations

We have a great passion for assisting entrepreneurs and startups. We also understand that running your own business can be a lonely affair, therefore we offer support and guidance that is many times needed. We work with businesses to-
- help them identify barriers and remove them,
- create a transparent, and easy to implement business model.
We get involved in your business not just to provide you with services but to cater strategies for a successful business development. Our in-depth knowledge and experience enhances the customized business solutions we provide. With our business development framework, clients have received the benefit of a cost effective, flawless and a timely completion of their projects. You would be able to focus more on your business’s growth while you rely on us with your numerous day to day business operations like services, promotions and consultation.

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For Startups

Stepping Stone for Building an Organization Building an organization from the start is like graduating from a top B-school! You start at the very beginning, by excelling in academics (for a startup, you should have the best of the best ideas - become a disrupter). Then you start preparing for an entrance exam (for a startup, you start by preparing a business plan and presenting it to the potential investors). Once you have excelled in the examination, you start designing your profile and submitting your applications (for a startup, once you have the funds you start recruiting and planning).Waiting to get admitted is the toughest part as you have to be patient (for a startup, you start developing, innovating, re innovating, and struggling. ‘Patience!’). This step is not as simple, now you have to decide on one university where you want to spend the next 2 years of your life and henceforth carry the brand with you forever (for a startup, this part is where you actually understand the gravity of your situation, either you would have realized that your idea needs, ‘something more’, or you would be satisfied that you have developed a product/service that would bring a change in the Current market).
The unexpected starts to unfold!
Till now what all you did or happened is something you could have expected but now this is where the unexpected starts to unfold - your first day, first B-school friend, roommates, seniors, lectures, presentations, papers, never ending readings, and especially exams (for a startup, this step is where you enter the market with complete enthusiasm, then you either get to know that there is still some work to do while the investors pressurize you, or you never look back - you get appreciations, growth, revenues and obviously more investors with bigger investment plans).
The ultimate goal!
Graduating is the best part. you can tell the world out there that you have successfully achieved what you had set out for and it was a piece of cake, but only you know what all you sacrificed and how tough and frustrating it was. Still at the graduation day, you walk with pride and leave all this behind only to remember the best parts (for a startup, investments, appreciation and success are still less in-front of the feeling you get, that ‘you were right, your idea and hard-work all worked’, leaving all those frustrating times when you just wanted to leave and run away, those days when no one was supporting your ideas and wanted you to go back to getting a job).
The Beginning!
This is not the end but a new beginning! After graduation you can now get your dream job or you can get ready for a startup (for a startup, yes if you think this is the end, you are completely wrong, this was just a trailer, another roller coaster ride is awaiting you which in a different way is an another opportunity to prove that you are strong).We understand you and know what it takes to have a startup that is why we are here to become a part of your graduation from the very beginning.

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