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Our Team

Abhishek Gupta

Abhishek Gupta, Founder

abbeygupta@post.harvard.edu, abigupta@me.com

“Limits are just an illusion.”
  • A Harvard University alumnus, Abhishek works with a foresight to revamp the way online services are delivered.
  • From business management to financial analysis, he is a jack of all trades with IT as his forte.
  • With a success story of nearly 20 in-house projects, he knows the intricacies of business well.
  • Besides leading a competitive IT company, he is involved with a number of charity initiatives.

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Ashok Gupta

Ashok Gupta, Director

“In order to succeed, step into your customers’ shoes.”
  • With more than 35 years of experience, Ashok is the savior, company turns towards in situations of turmoil.
  • His “business acumen” ability has accorded him with nearly 100 business awards from prestigious organizations across the world.
  • Working on the mantra of “There’s no age for learning,” he believes in learning and sharing his wisdom with the young generation working under his guidance.
  • His leisure time involves reading business books.
Akhil Gupta

Akhil Gupta, Creative Director


“Creativity answers curiosity.”
  • An enthusiast by nature, Akhil loves to experiment and learn things by himself.
  • He believes in the power of his dreams and motivates others to do the same.
  • He works with a foresight to present the world with something innovative, the world has never seen before.
  • With a mind guarded by imaginations and soul filled with zeal, he relishes capturing life in his camera.
Monica Gupta

Monica Gupta, Director

“Behind every successful woman is herself.”
  • With eight years spent in learning the specifics of auditing, Monica ensures every penny of the company is spent for the customer good.
  • Her habit to keep everything organized helps the company achieve a smooth workflow.
  • Given the title of a perfectionist, she ensures the happiness of customers, clients as well as employees.
  • Stepping out of her professional zone, she loves to spend time with her family.