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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Indianmesh Ambassador Program?

    It is an opportunity for people to become ambassadors of the brand- Indianmesh and to get involved in the company’s development process.
    Indianmesh Ambassadors have the opportunity to work with great people, earn goodies, get certificates, gain knowledge, earn money and get placement assistance.

  • 2. What are the objectives of the program?

    To learn about innovative Indianmesh products and programs

    • • Organize parties and events
    • • Get involved in our marketing campaigns
    • • Help Indianmesh better understand its customers need

  • 3. What does it take?

    Interested candidates having the requisite skills can register themselves with us after which they can get started with their work which include- Increasing awareness of our products, explaining our services to customers, organizing parties, managing our group blogs, marketing, interacting with advertisers and getting more companies involved with Indianmesh.

  • 4. What should I know to become an Indianmesh Ambassador?

    You should have strong communication skills to take the Ambassador program forward. You should also have the knowledge of the present market scenario.

  • 5. What should I do to join the program?

    Either you have to first send your CV at the following mail id: Contactus@indianmesh.com Or fill up the online form from our website. Once the CV gets shortlisted; upon which you will get a call directly from the HR dept of Indianmesh.

  • 6. What is a minimum ‘duty time’ required to be a part of the program?

    Indianmesh Brand Ambassadors would be expected to devote at least 4 hours in a week.

  • 7. Will I be given a certificate?

    Yes. An ambassador would have to work with us for a minimum period of 6 months in order to receive a certificate.

  • 8. Do I get paid for being an Indianmesh Ambassador?

    Indianmesh Ambassadors are entitled to receive a certain percentage of the total revenue they make for the company.

  • 9. When will I know if I am accepted into the program?

    If you get a confirmation mail from Indianmesh within two days of your interview conducted by our HR dept., then you are shortlisted.

  • 10. May I apply if:
    (i) I have no prior experience or limited prior experience contributing to Indian Mesh Pvt. Ltd?
    (ii) I am not officially affiliated with any college/university?

    Yes. Anyone having the following skills may apply to become Ambassadors of our brand.

    • • Excellent presentation skills
    • • Good communication skills
    • • Positive attitude
    • • Ability to coordinate
    • • Leadership skills
    • • Adaptable to ever changing work environment

  • 11. What are the activities/duties I would be getting indulged in?

    • • Explaining about the products to customers
    • • Organizing parties and fairs
    • • Managing group blogs
    • • Getting more companies involved with the brand
    • • Increasing the number of clients
    • • Bringing more friends and neighbours to join the program
    • • Increasing the awareness of the products and services through social media
    • • Doing market research


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