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Windows Application Development

When talking about Apps and Smartphones, windows cannot be ignored as it has a substantial market share after Android and iOS. For revenue earning purposes, this might not be the first choice but for companies who want to increase their market base and reach out to the maximum smartphone users, an application on windows is a must. Further, Microsoft and Nokia have been providing incentives for the most successful apps to port to their platform. Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is strongly differentiated from the others. Developers have to design a new user interface and generally build it with different technology in order to target the platform.

We offer a range of Windows applications development services including Windows runtime app, Windows desktop app, Windows store app, Windows Phone store app and Universal Windows app. We develop once for all applications using a unified Windows runtime and VS tools that will allow you to both support experiences unique to a device in XAML, HTML, and DirectX, and share the code across all devices using C++, C#, or JavaScript. Our service also includes getting the app curated and certified for content and compatibility.




Windows Programing Packages