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Financial Modeling Services

Finance is the key aspect of any profit oriented organization. Managing finances effectively can steer an organization smoothly towards the growth tangent. Doing this becomes easier with the help of financial modeling services which involve the summary representation of all facets of the capital of a firm. It is basically about calculating, forecasting or estimating financial numbers.Used by business owners, entrepreneurs as well as finance and accounting professionals around the world, it is an effective tool in financial management.

They can range from simple models built on Microsoft excel to pretty sophisticated models such as Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model or Value-at-Risk(VAR) models used in risk management which require specific softwares or more depending on the need and case. Financial models are used in investment banking, equity research, project finance, performance analysis, historical investigation of a company’s financial progress and much more. For financial analysts, it helps in the valuation of securities, checking the size of market opportunities, advantages of a merger, possibilities of business expansion, quantifying and predicting risks and the likes.

We build financial models that are robust and provide dynamic projections that can be used to thoroughly analyze a company from multiple standpoints: operations, investment, financing, mergers and valuation.


We help with the following steps in building a financial model

Data collection

Collection of real time data such as revenue, growth, investments, monetary need, etc.

Realtime calculations

Correct industry knowledge to make a sound decision pertaining to return on income.

Structural analysis

Raking in principles like ‘Cash is King’ or ‘Time value of money’

Layout designing

Structured arrangement and presentation using the right information, assumption and formatting to make it more appealing

Our Process

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Financial Modeling Packages