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Ruby on Rail

RoR is an open source framework and we publish gems and plug-ins in the open source community. The Rails has a well defined plug-in structure that enables our developers to install easily and use the plug-ins in the desired application.


Development Rate:

We focus on high performance and providing solutions in record time. The speed of project development at Indianmesh is so fast that we develop a web application within a short period of time.

Reduced Cost of Ownership:

The engineering work takes place offshore resulting in substantial savings. Our engineers built and modified the Rails application by spending very less money without comprising the quality, performance, or scalability of the website.

Easy to add new features:

Our expert developers build the website in such a way that it will be an easy task for any future modification of the website (e.g. adding new features, making changes to the data) model can be made more easily and quickly.

Less coding

Our developer team built the website using the minimal coding and simple methods. We develop Ruby code that is very readable and can be self- documented

It is Secure

We develop a framework that includes a set of conventions designed to streamline the development process and help to keep the website secure from errors and attacks.

Indianmesh uses SCRUM practices in developing the software that provides the benefit to our clients, as it helps us to work closely and easily with them, no matter where they are located. Our application development expert uses the RoR technology and delivers the high quality, reliable, secure, flexible applications that are easy to maintain and deploy. We give priority to open communication. Customers are kept fully involved with the day to day progress of the development of their project that helps in making our application more valuable.

As early adopters of Ruby on Rails technology, Indianmesh is committed to researching evolving trends of the industry and up to date with emerging technologies – therefore we are able to enhance the performance and quality of the application. MySQL is an open source Relational Database Management system known for reliability, speed and ease of use. This helps our clients to reduce their downtime for system maintenance and administration.

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