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It is said that you cannot change the direction of the wind but you can adjust the sails to reach your destination. This is more so in the case of mobile technology which is the new wind and every organization has to move with this new wave to keep up with the times. Mobiles are handy, sophisticated and have multifaceted utility. Understanding this is imperative for businesses in progress and prosper. Specialized mobile application help further business objectives effectively. Even for creative individuals, an innovative idea for an application with a business perspective can create a trade of its own. Mobile applications are the new trending phenomena and joining the bandwagon is the wisest thing to do.

Indianmesh offers high quality as well as customized and easy to use mobile applications with the latest user interface and flexible components. From android to ionic development, we work on all kinds of mobile application development services. Services are provisioned in a very cost effective and timely approach with a highly organized phase development methodology in place.


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Mobile Application Packages

Feature Packages
E-mail Login 4,200
Social Login 8,400
Dashboard 16,800
Activity Feed 8,400
Rating System 8,400
Camera / Photos 4,200
GeoLocation 4,200
Compass 4,200
Custom User Interface 21,000
Accept Payments 6,300
Sync Across All Devices 8,400
User Profiles 8,400
Camera / Video 4,200
Messaging 12,600
Maps 8,400
Shopping Cart 16,800
Task List 8,400
Social Sharing 4,200
Calendar Integration 6,300
Gallery - Photo / Video 6,300
QR Code 6,300
Barcodes 6,300
Audio / Music 6,300
Search 12,600
3rd Party API Integration 16,800
User Privacy Settings 6,300
SMS Integration 8,400
Push Notifications 8,400
Auto-Learning Feed 33,600
Dynamic Content 12,600
Ad Serve 12,600
Email / Mailing Lists 4,200
Event Listings 12,600
Reservations 16,800
Contact Info 4,200
Menu / Ordering 16,800
Approval / Moderation 12,600
Reporting 16,800
Content Management System 42,000
Payment Administration 16,800
User Administration 25,200
Ticketing System 33,600
Feedback System 25,200
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