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For businesses to show prolific returns, it is imperative that each project be analyzed at the basic level on various key indicators. Only when such analysis gives a positive response, a project adds value to an organization. This is an essential and basic function that is performed before any project is accepted in any modern organization. It entails discussions with various stakeholders to understand the basis and also the specific requirement of an assignment. The evaluation and conclusion based on the information and evidence received is important in appreciating and catering to specific client demands. These further help in devising a multifaceted approach for the smooth execution of the project..


Project Evaluation Involves

Goals and Objectives

Evaluate broder impact goals.


detailed actions project participants used to reach project objectives


An estimated schedule of project completion and deliveries.

Reaction & Satisfaction

Through questionnaires or surveys

Return Of InvestMent

A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment

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